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Day 1
Upon your arrival at Jakarta airport, you will meet and greets with our representative tour guide.
Around a welcome drink for introduction, the remaining payment of the tour will be settled: AUD, USD, EUR, SGD
You will be transferred to your hotel for check-in.
Then, your relaxing tour and fun will start till late.
We will start with a relaxing massage in a luxury spa
Dinner will done at the spa.
Nightlife discovery until late.
Back to your hotel.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel

14:00 Meeting
Orientation tour around the hotel, ATM, Money changer and commodities
Visit of Jakarta’s historic Chinatown. Lunch will be at local café
Then, relaxing time at a luxury spa.                                                                                             Dinner will be done at the street night market.
Discover Jakarta hot night district and have some fantasy done.
Drink in a club , and meet your new girlfriend
Back to your hotel

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel

14:00 Meeting
Day tour to the old Batavia city, 16 century Netherlands architecture and the port of Sunda Kelapa, full of magnificent Makasar schooners. Lunch will be at the old Batavia
Break at fatahila old historic Batavia city.
Afternoon  and more fun places to discover, good massages and learrn to swim with an angel.  Dinner at Batavia, discovery of the local cuisine.
Back to nightlife fun and discovery and meet an other girlfriend.
Back to your hotel

Day 4
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out 12:00
Lunch at a local Chinese restaurant
Go for more treatment before leaving or spend the time with your girlfriend.
Transfer to airport for your flight: international or Bali

Note: Our tour Day to Day is flexible and we will adjust our journey according to customers orientation and Jakarta market and destination

Additional days can be offered for a depper exploration

When it comes to nightlife, Indonesia capital city of Jakarta has many choices, clubs and bars.
Accompanied by a nightlife specialist, you will be guided in to most happening venues, and best lives shows.
Jakarta has great rooftop bars and underground clubs

Our hotel is located just a minute from the hottest nightlife and you will meet beautiful exotic women.
Our hotel is liberal minded and girl friendly; rooms are cozy with very nice skyline view. Billiard and others commodities are available. The menu of the restaurant, room service and bar are delicious with affordable prices.

You will have good start in exploring the city using private car and driver, but also will enjoy the ride on local “Bajaj” transportation through the city maze, taking a walk along the vibrant street live.

We will bring you to look closely at Jakarta, exploring the central new Jakarta with high building and luxury malls as Jakarta has also the largest shopping district in south East Asia.

We will continue the visit to the old part of the city with Dutch colonial buildings.

You will taste Indonesian and Chinese local cuisines and experience exotic delicacies.

Spa in Jakarta is hedonistic temples like you won’t find any in Australia, Europe or in the US, especially at those prices. It’s not only massages, you can get there, but various services to help you relax and feel good. You can spend an entire afternoon there. Don’t say Jakarta is a boring city if you have never experienced one.

The experienced guides will also be here to make you enjoy a safe day and night, away from potential “rip-of” that you could risk if you were going on your own. On our night tours, you will be relax and concentrate on your enjoyment.

One of the best things about Jakarta, it is that they are still very few foreigners and the direct consequence of this lack of foreigners, it that you will feel very welcomed by Jakarta people and particularly the girls.

The waste majority of Indonesian girls are going to be Muslims, this just the way it is.
You may be thinking the religious factor could hinder your dating hopes.
You’d be damn, women in Indonesia are always curious about foreign man and girls in Jakarta love party, drink and know how to have fun closed door.

When it comes to dating, Jakarta is the right place. There are more than 35 million of people in Jakarta, half of them are female and quarters of them are in the desired 18-30 age range. That means there are millions of women for few foreigners, hard to get better ratio than this.
You will encounter many opportunities to meet eligible ladies, and may be take her to our private villa in Bali for more relaxing vacation.

In Indonesia you get a little more selection of girl’s types, due to the genetic makeup of the population.

Jakarta is a totally different place from the usual tourist destination, we will guide you to find hidden germs and you will often  their first foreigner she ever talked to, girls might be shy at first, but only at first.
Beside a small language barrier you could encounter, there is nothing to worry about it, and in the end is really rewarding

Believe me; Indonesian girls are among the sweetest in the world, so if you are fed up with tattooed Thai hookers, after multiple trips to Bangkok, Pattaya, or even Manila, than Jakarta might suit you very well.

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